Jodi Su

Exploring the wonder of this time and place makes me happy. I write, paint and do all sorts of crafty things. Finding solutions and joy motivate me when I am faced with challenges. I have a lot of stories to tell but some of them are not mine...maybe that is why I love fiction. Writing poetry keeps me grounded. We have hens, birds, dogs, cats and I am hoping to get a pygmy goat in the not too distant future. I take hundreds of pictures with my phone and have officially decided I am a phonetographer. I started this blog because of the #writecampaign. Oddly enough, it is helping me be ever more productive as I work on my YA novel. I have two Masters degrees, two kids and a sweet life. I hope to add some beauty to this world by being honest, hopeful and kind. Sometimes I fail but I am willing to give it another try. I have lived clean and sober for over twenty-two pink cloud years. Lovely!

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