Monday, August 29, 2011

This or That

Scott's first hike! Where is Scott?
Ok, so today I was going to edit but I didn't. Instead I walked for three hours with my three dogs. I did a lot of mental editing! Now to bring it to the page. That is my motto on this book, "bring it to the page" rinse, repeat. And yet, I think I needed to choose between 'this' or 'that' today and the walk was clearly a priority. Now to find some time for editing during this week. I have come to love my editing time. I think going into this time with intention makes all the difference, for me. When I used to write, edit, write, write, edit, edit...I was in a constant battle with the different skills I use for these tasks. Now I try to match the skill to the task and it is working. I love the writing time and I love the editing time. Peace.


  1. Hello, fellow campaigner! I'm not in your group (but I'm a YA author), but I wanted to stop by to check out your blog and say, "HI!" :)

    You've got the stuff. You can do it!

  2. Thanks David! Your comment prompted me to write for two hours this evening! :) Writers supporting writers is seriously good stuff...yipppeee!