Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To the Page

Writing has been my passion since before I knew what words were. My mom loved to tell me about the times she would find me with pen in hand mumbling to myself and creating lists. I have always written poetry and published a few poems years ago. One winter evening my children and I created a story that came to us nearly finished. We wrote notes, made outlines and rough drafts of the first few chapters all in a few weeks. Then we got busy with life and set the story aside. I kept dreaming the characters. I finally realized that I needed to do the writing and set up a 52 week plan to bring the story to the page. I write on Fridays and edit on Mondays. I am now inspired to bring this to the world of blogging. I wrote a blog for ten months as part of an online class and loved it. It was mostly a private and in-class affair. I am looking forward to seeing what this next step will bring with the focused goal of working on my WIP.

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