Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Beautiful People!

I miss blogging. Which is a good sign and let's me know I will carry on with more blogging once Nano month is over. I am loving Nano. I could write like this all the time. Which is another good sign. The challenge is that I still need to work, do laundry, etc. etc. I am taking an "it is all good" attitude to this chaos. My laundry piles have never been larger. I tend to be a very neat person. Well, a clean floor and folded shirts are nice but so is my writing. I will learn some balance and figure out new patterns to make this level of commitment to my writing happen.
Hope all the rest of you are being kind to yourselves, writing and yes, writing.
"Writers write" is my take home message this week from every source. Write on! (I am such a goof ball).
Happy November! Somehow sideways pictures are speaking to me lately. Maybe it is because I am shifting my perspective.

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