Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I learned from the #1 Campaign Challenge

1. I like writing with constraints.
2. I am hesitant to comment on other people's writing on blogs.
3. It is easier for me to just interact about writing in general and not written pieces in particular.
4. I think this is because trust is earned in my world and as a newbie to all of this my trust level is still growing.
5. I am thrilled to see so many people writing so much. Gives me hope for the world.
6. This campaign is fun for me and supports my writing because I am not isolated.
7. I find twitter more understandable now and I also like how helpful that platform is.


  1. Hi Jodi -

    You took the list right out of my mind! :) It has been interesting how much the Write Campaign brings us together and gives us personal insight as well. Glad to be on the journey with you.

  2. Good to hear Kate...even with all the campaign action I was feeling a bit alone in my experience...just goes to show me, eh? Nice to journey with you, too!

  3. Love this list, Jodi Su. Writing has always been a very solitary thing for me, but I am really loving the community of this campaign!